Changes to our timetable for specific dates in October 2021

Please make sure that your customers aware of some alterations to our timetable during October 2021 on the Paris/Lille <> London route due to operational reasons and on the Amsterdam <> London route due to engineering works.

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Timetable : Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Lille > London

Amsterdam > Rotterdam, Brussels, Lille, London

9145 : Departure at 12:47 on weekdays & at 13:47 at weekends

Please find a PDF showing the departure times here below.

9145 retimings 16 May -18 July 2021 EN.pdf

NOTE: Due to the ongoing impact of coronavirus, we are currently running an essential timetable only to allow those customers to make important journeys. During these challenging times we carefully review our operations, striving to minimise cancellations and to maintain as stable a timetable as possible.