Travelling 14 - 15 March 2020? If your customers are travelling during this weekend, they must download their tickets and print them before 8pm UK time on Friday 13 March.


Dates affected:

  • From Thursday 31st October to Monday 4th November
  • From Friday 8th November to Tuesday 12th November 2019


  • 9109 06:56 departure from Brussels to London on Mon 4 Nov
  • 9119 07:48 departure from Amsterdam to Brussels on Mon 4 and Tue 12 Nov
  • 9150 17:19 departure from London to Amsterdam on Thu 31 Oct and Fri 8 Nov
  • 9158 19:34 departure from London to Brussels on Thu 31 Oct and Fri 8 Nov


  • The 9152 18:04 departure from London to Brussels will leave 30 mins earlier at 17:34 on the evenings of Thu 31 October and Fri 8 November.

Additional Stop:

  • The 9050 19:01 departure from London to Paris will make an additional stop at Lille on Thu 31 October and Fri 8 November.
  • On all days of the works, the 9042 17:01 departure from London and the 9013 08:43 departure from Paris will make an extra stop at Lille.

Change of transportation plan:

  • No Eurostar services will run to or from Amsterdam or Rotterdam from Fri 1 to Sun 3 November and from Sat 9 to Mon 11 Nov
  • A limited service between the UK and Brussels will operate on Fri 1, Sun 3 and Sun 10 November, with trains following a diversionary route.
  • On Sat 2, Sat 9 and Mon 11 Nov, no trains will run to or from Brussels. Instead we'll operate an amended timetable with trains running to/from Paris and making extra stops in Lille and Calais

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