Eurostar service update - 19/05/2022

Due to a problem with the overhead power supply caused by the current weather the current services are cancelled:

9040 on 19/05/2022 from London to Paris 
9054 on 19/05/2022 from London to Paris
9047 on 19/05/2022 from Paris to London  
9148 on 19/05/2022 from London to Brussels 
9007 on 20/05/2022 from Paris to London 
9121 on 20/05/2022 from Brussels to London

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Reopening of Paris smoothie and cocktail bar

We’re delighted to announce that our Paris smoothie and cocktail bar has reopened in our Business Premier lounge.

Whether your clients are travelling for a morning meeting or returning after a busy day, they can enjoy freshly made, complimentary drinks.

Opening times

Smoothie bar:
Monday to Friday : 6am to 12pm

Cocktail bar:
Monday to Friday : 3pm to 8.45pm

We look forward to welcoming your clients in our lounge soon.