Eurostar service update - 19/05/2022

Due to a problem with the overhead power supply caused by the current weather the current services are cancelled:

9040 on 19/05/2022 from London to Paris 
9054 on 19/05/2022 from London to Paris
9047 on 19/05/2022 from Paris to London  
9148 on 19/05/2022 from London to Brussels 
9007 on 20/05/2022 from Paris to London 
9121 on 20/05/2022 from Brussels to London

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More and more trains running until the end of the year

Where restrictions continue to be lifted and travel is becoming easier for people that have been vaccinated, we are pleased to see a strong growth in demand among leisure and business passengers alike.
To respond to this demand, we will be expanding our timetable and running more trains until the end of the year.

From 22 October 2021 and on an increasing basis up to 08 January 2022, we will run up to fourteen daily return trains. This will include:

  • Nine services in each direction on our London to Paris route
  • Five services in each direction between London and Brussels, of which two will operate between London and our stations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Rotterdam)

It is worth noting that day return journeys between London and Paris will become easier with the introduction of the following services:

  • 9004 London: 07:01 -> Paris: 10:17 / 9007 Paris: 07:13 -> London: 08:32
  • 9063 Paris: 21:13 -> London: 22:30 / 9054 London: 20:01 -> Paris: 23:17

Day return journeys are also possible between Brussels and London.

  • 9117 Brussels: 08:52 -> London: 09:57 / 9152 London: 18:04 -> Brussels: 21:09
  • 9116 London: 09:01 -> Brussels: 12:05 / 9167 Brussels: 20:52 -> London : 21:57

You can consult our website for full details of departure times as well as information on any remaining travel restrictions.

Please also make your customers aware that, with effect on 01 October 2021, passports are mandatory for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens (included children) who are visiting the UK.
Passengers with settled or pre-settled status can continue using their national ID card until 31 December 2025.
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