Travelling 14 - 15 March 2020? If your customers are travelling during this weekend, they must download their tickets and print them before 8pm UK time on Friday 13 March.

Exchanges During Disruption

During disruption we know that travellers will need to make exchanges to their bookings. It is possible for customers to do this either online via or directly with their original point of sale.

Please be aware that if your customer changes their GDS booking via our website, station or via our contact centre, then you will no longer be able to make any amendments to this reservation in your own system.

It is very important NOT to attempt to change these tickets in your system once they have been amended by 9F, as this can result in a live booking being cancelled and preventing the customer from being able to travel. This includes adding GK or PK sectors.

To help prevent any issues for your customer we would recommend that all changes on your customers bookings be made directly through your GDS. Please see our disruption guide for advice on how to process these changes.