Upcoming rail strikes in the UK: Eurostar trains running as normal

Rail strikes have been announced in the UK on the following days:
- Saturday 30 September
- Wednesday 04 October

These strikes will not affect our timetable.
However, please make your clients aware that local trains in the UK may be severely disrupted.

Please click here for more information.

An issue with the ticket gates at Dutch stations

We want to let you know that there is an issue with the ticket gates at Dutch stations, following the launch of contactless payment on public transport across the Netherlands.

If a customer scans an image of a ticket barcode on their smartphone to enter or leave the station, digital bank cards may be charged instead.

What your customers need to do if they store bank cards on their phones

Please let your customers know that they should use one of the following to enter or leave the station:

  • A ticket saved to their Google/Apple Wallet
  • A printed ticket

If your customers are charged in error, please let them know that they can visit the OVpay website to learn how to get a refund.

Customers who do not store bank cards on their phones can save their tickets in the Eurostar app or scan an on-screen image of their print-friendly ticket, if they prefer.