New testing requirement from Tuesday 07 December for ALL passengers, aged 12 years and over, travelling to the UK

From Tuesday 07 December, there will be an additional change to the rules for both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers.
Before departure to the UK, ALL passengers, aged 12 years and over, will need to take a pre-departure antigen or PCR test within 48 hours of departure and present a negative result to be allowed to travel.
This includes UK nationals and residents.

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All Eurostar through-fares offers have evolved with the change of the inventory system.


  • Eurostar and TGV/Thalys through-fares offers for individuals have also evolved. It will be necessary to book the routes in a summated way, that is to say that there will be two tickets with a price for each of the journeys, unlike today where there is a fare for the whole end-to-end trip.


The ABS (Any Belgian station) and ADS (Any Dutch station) offers consist of booking a specific Eurostar train as well as an add-on, which enables a passenger to travel to Any Belgian/Dutch Station via Brussels.

For the customer, only one global price is seen for the entire journey, though the customer will receive two barcodes for the booking:

  • one for the Eurostar segment
  • one for the Belgian/Dutch leg, that holds the travel time and date information based on the Eurostar segment

The Belgian/Dutch segment can be used within 24 hours after arriving into Brussels, or becomes valid from any Belgian/Dutch station within 24 hours before departure of the Eurostar from Brussels.

These offers are accessible by UK Travel Agencies.