Amended Timetable from 19/03/2020 onwards

Please be aware that we’ve reduced our timetable from 19/03/2020 onwards. This is a result of changes we’ve made to our services due to ongoing travel restrictions and the continuing impact of coronavirus.
Ashford International, Ebbsfleet International and Calais Frethun are closed until further notice.
Please follow this link to access more information for upcoming travel:

Please click here for more information.

Coronavirus tests are available at St Pancras International

Customers can now get a coronavirus test at St Pancras International.

Passengers will need to book their test in advance, so please ask your customers to factor this into their plans so that they allow enough time.

Tests are taking place in the area of the station where our Eurodespatch luggage services usually operate. Please find a map to help you guide customers to the right place here below.

St Pancras map (English) - MAP.pdf

We’re offering this service in partnership with London Medical Laboratory. Tests are offered at a preferential Eurostar rate.

Customers can find out more and book a test here.

*Coronavirus tests are being offered in partnership with London Medical Laboratory and are not a Eurostar product or service. Eurostar is not responsible for the quality of tests, the length of time it takes for your customers to get their results and any other matters related to the testing (e.g. their ability to travel).