UK rail strike on 01 and 03 February / Planned strike action in France on 07, 08 and 11 February: sales closed on Saturday 11/02

UK rail strike on 01 and 03 February:
Eurostar trains are running as usual.
London Underground trains is not affected either.

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Planned strike action in France on 07, 08 and 11 February:
While we assess the impact on our timetable, as a precautionary measure, we have closed sales on all trains leaving from London on 11 February.

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Seating and Technical Information


  • Seats are allocated at the beginning of the booking process
  • There are no seating functionalities (for example '"close to", "forward facing", specific seat and coach etc.)
  • PAO channels have no access to the seat map



  • It is possible to combine several fare classes in the same PNR, provided they are in the same class of service (Standard, Standard Premier or Business Premier). For example: 10 x X price + 10 x Y price + 10 x Z price = 30 pax in the same PNR
  • S3 will return the overall price for the group, but will also show the passenger 1 = X price, passenger 2 = Y price, which will enable you to see the price detail per person
  • You cannot change the passenger type (from an adult to a child for example)
  • You cannot add a passenger to an existing PNR (you cannot book on 2 different booking horizon periods, you cannot add a return trip to an inbound in a PNR)
  • The price is guaranteed when the booking has been fare quoted. You cannot reprice a booking, and the booking will not be subject to changes in the fare ranges