Eurostar service update - 19/05/2022

Due to a problem with the overhead power supply caused by the current weather the current services are cancelled:

9040 on 19/05/2022 from London to Paris 
9054 on 19/05/2022 from London to Paris
9047 on 19/05/2022 from Paris to London  
9148 on 19/05/2022 from London to Brussels 
9007 on 20/05/2022 from Paris to London 
9121 on 20/05/2022 from Brussels to London

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Meal Boxes and Goodie Bags for Groups

For groups, Eurostar catering is the best choice. Confirm a month in advance to ensure that passengers receive their packed meals.

To make an order please contact the catering team :

For the range of prices and meals, consult and download our catalogue for group catering: