Upcoming rail strikes in the UK / Ongoing strikes in France - Normal timetable

UK: Upcoming rail strikes in the UK

Rail strikes have been announced in the UK on Saturday 03 June.
This strike will not affect our timetable. Eurostar trains running as normal.

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FRANCE: Ongoing strikes in France

There’s been a series of ongoing strikes in France since 07 March. New days of mobilisation may be announced by French unions at short notice. The next one will take place on Tuesday 6 June. It will not impact our timetable and our trains will run as normal on that day.

If we need to make timetable changes on other strike days, be sure that we will keep you informed as soon as more information becomes available.

Please click here for more information.


GDS Air (9F) covers a range of different global distribution systems where corporate travel management companies in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and North America can find and book Eurostar services.


- Minimum threshold per year of £10k / 10K€

- Approximately 90 day booking horizon

- Public fares (and negotiated corporate fares subject to eligibility)

Thalys trains are now bookable under 9F

*Published on 30 May 2023

As of 1st of June 2023 and for travel from the 1st of September 2023, Thalys trains will be bookable under the 9F code on GDS Air. Here are the most important changes you need to know:

  • The electronic ticket will no longer be sent by e-mail. The traveler will be invited to go to the website or to their Eurostar mobile application in the "Manage my booking" section to collect their Thalys ticket.
  • In order to cover the specific costs related to distribution via GDS Air, a segment fee of 6€ will now be applied. This will appear separately in the taxes section.

For detailed information regarding all the changes, please see under "Useful documents" our guide "Changes from 2H to 9F, specific to Germany".

For the step by step process for downloading customer tickets, please see the guide "Manage tour booking".

New routes for 9F

*Published on 30 May 2023

As of 1st of June 2023, new routes will be accessible under the 9F code.
Thanks to the addition of Thalys 2H under the 9F code, you will be able to book all the 2H destinations, but with 9F.

For exhaustive information regarding the news routes please see under "Useful document" our guide "GDS Air - New routes for 9F".


Gentle reminder to all GDS bookers:

Please remember to include the OD tax charge with every change you make to a booking*.

£30 / €30 for Standard and £30 / €30 for Standard Premier bookings.

*unless authorised by the GDS HD team

GDS Segment Fees

GDS bookings include a segment fee of £5.00 / €6.00. Eurostar continue to sponsor GDS distribution by covering all other costs related to this type of distribution.

The GDS segment charges are automatically integrated into the GDS pricing and appear separately in the TAX section. The Tax code is YR.

Booking 9F and ticketing with our interlining partner Hahn Air

Booking from outside of the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and USA?

Booking from outside of the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and USA?
Don't forget it is possible to book Eurostar in your GDS and ticket via our interlining agreement with Hahn Air.

See below our simple "How to book" steps below:

  • Eurostar is displayed on your GDS just like an Airline via our own Airline carrier code "9F".
  • You can check fares and price PNRs just as you would any Airline in your GDS.
  • Book "9F" from availbility for any of our routes. You can view our interactive route map here
  • When ticketing simply plate your ticket on HR/169 - Hahn Air
  • After tickets the passenger or agent can pick up their ticket from our website - just go to and click on "Manage your booking" you can use the GDS PNR record locator and passenger surname to view the booking and print or download the Eurostar ticket.

To check if ticketing is available in your market click here.


The following options will be available when Eurostar authorises GDS-Air agents, booking via UK points of sale, to exchange tickets free of charge.

  • Reissues can be completed within the same PNR before departure simply process a ‘nil value’ exchange with no additional collection
  • All rebookings will need to be issued within 60 days after the date of travel
  • If the original booking class is not available, book the next available fare bucket within the same cabin class.
  • Please remove the 9F train segments in your GDS PNR that are no longer operating or no longer required, via normal cancel process
  • If you wish to rebook at a later date you will need to apply for a refund of the original booking via the BSP link
  • When completing the refund application, please state the reason (example: cancellation / weather conditions / strike) in the notes box and also include the 9F PNR record locator PNR as without that your application will be rejected.
  • Please do NOT claim an e-voucher on behalf of the passenger, as e-vouchers are not compatible with GDS systems.