Upcoming rail strikes in the UK / Ongoing strikes in France - Normal timetable

UK: Upcoming rail strikes in the UK

Rail strikes have been announced in the UK on Saturday 03 June.
This strike will not affect our timetable. Eurostar trains running as normal.

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FRANCE: Ongoing strikes in France

There’s been a series of ongoing strikes in France since 07 March. New days of mobilisation may be announced by French unions at short notice. The next one will take place on Tuesday 6 June. It will not impact our timetable and our trains will run as normal on that day.

If we need to make timetable changes on other strike days, be sure that we will keep you informed as soon as more information becomes available.

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The UK is mad about gin right now, with specialist gins served everywhere from ritzy cocktail bars to traditional pubs. The number of distillers has more than doubled in the last two years and there’s never been a bigger range of gins to try out. On our gin experience you’ll taste a range of rare and exclusive blends, as well as learn about how gin is made, its origins, what tonics to serve with which gin, and the role of those all-important botanicals.

The event is hosted by either Helen Chesshire; Dawn Davies (The Spirits and Whisky Exchange); or Jane Parkinson (BBC Saturday Kitchen).

On board:

  • Gin – a brief history and how it’s made
  • Botanical Challenge – the delegates are given three very different gins and asked to select which botanicals are dominant in each
  • Tonic – why it works and which is best
  • Dressing Challenge – delegates are given three more gins to match with tonic, and more importantly a range of dressings – from a good old slice of lemon to spruce sprigs; sea vegetables; and pink peppercorns.
  • Name my Gin – so much of a gin’s success is in its branding, as a final competition, delegates are asked to reveal the names they would give their own gin brands, and vote for the winner.

Please note; a version of this experience is also available focusing on whisky, hosted by world-renowned spirits expert Dave Broom, and Dawn Davies.