Upcoming rail strikes in the UK / Ongoing strikes in France - Normal timetable

UK: Upcoming rail strikes in the UK

Rail strikes have been announced in the UK on Saturday 03 June.
This strike will not affect our timetable. Eurostar trains running as normal.

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FRANCE: Ongoing strikes in France

There’s been a series of ongoing strikes in France since 07 March. New days of mobilisation may be announced by French unions at short notice. The next one will take place on Tuesday 6 June. It will not impact our timetable and our trains will run as normal on that day.

If we need to make timetable changes on other strike days, be sure that we will keep you informed as soon as more information becomes available.

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Eurostar API

The Eurostar API is the perfect solution for distribution partners and tour operators that wish to sell Eurostar products via their own website or app. Our API enables a direct connection to Eurostar’s inventory system while providing sales and after-sales capability.


- Minimum annual threshold £20k / 20K€

- Net fares (for eligible tour operators) or commission


  • Requires integration into Partners own website or booking tool
  • Retrieve tickets in Eurostar app or download as a pdf
  • Booking horizon up to 10 months before travel
  • The API is in English language only, the translations are to be made on client side
  • The API can support all Eurostar supported currency (GBP, EUR, USD)
  • The application technical language is JSON restful requests, in camelCase
  • The API allows for self-serve sales and after-sales (including exchanges, cancellations & upgrades)
  • The API offers real-time responses to our inventory.
  • All available Eurostar routes that are bookable on are available on Eurostar API
  • Clients can self serve seat changes via "manage your booking"


In order to help you understand our accounting process, this page has been created as a guide to answer any questions.

**Please note this if for direct account holders only and not GDS users**


  • You will receive a monthly invoice from us.
  • This invoice is run by day 2 of every month. This is your total payable amount.
  • You will also receive a supporting DAT file (details of transactions by pnr) by day 5 of every month.
  • Your Direct Debit is taken on day 17 of every month or the next available working day.
  • Any completed credits are deducted from the following months invoice.



  • To open the Backup Details (.dat file) please follow the instructions below,
  1. Save .dat file to any location on the hard drive or open the document in wordpad, word or notepad.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel
  3. Open .dat file via Excel if saved . – on the open screen, select ‘all files’ to view the .dat document. If copied, paste into excel
  4. A Text Import Wizard pop-up box will appear
  5. Select the Delimited button on the pop-up box - click Next
  6. Ensure the Tab and Comma boxes are ticked - click Finish
  • Your dat file will provide you with the following information:

Should you have any difficulty with the above process, please contact

For queries such as a replacement dat file or invoice, please contact Credit Control by emailing

For queries relating to specific booking information such as status or itinerary, please contact Eurostar4Agents:

Exchange & refund procedures during disruption

Subject to the nature of the disruption, Eurostar can activate its After-Sales Override Profile (AOP). The AOP function will calculate whether fees and / or fare difference can be waived, subject to Eurostar’s commercial policy.



Free exchanges for alternative dates are available in all booking tools.


You can either refund your customers using Voyager or allow customers to obtain a full refund via your website or app.

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