UK rail strikes on Saturday 08 of October 2022

There will be a national strike across the UK railway network on Saturday 08 of October.

We’ll be running a reduced timetable.

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Rotterdam/Amsterdam fares and GDS booking tips



In order to book a trip to Amsterdam or Rotterdam you will need the following codes on GDS: ZYA for Amsterdam and QRH for Rotterdam

- Outbound trains are running twice daily at 11:04 (train 9F 9126) and 18:16 (train 9F 9152)
- Inbound trains are running twice daily at 13:47 (train 9F 9145) and 18:47 (train 9F 9167)

Please note weekend service - there is no 18:16 (train 9F 9152) / 18:47 (train 9F 9167) on a Saturday.

On our Amsterdam route we allow a commuter service between Brussels and Rotterdam/Amsterdam, this means that a certain amount of seats are saved for customers doing Brussels - Rotterdam/Amsterdam.

A space is only confirmed on the train once seats have come back from Eurostar (9F) and the segment is also confirmed. If no seating has come back from Eurostar (9F) even if the sector is confirmed the ticket is not guaranteed.

We advise agents not to guarantee a passenger that they have been booked on a certain train until that confirmed sector and seating comes back to the agent. Please check availability in a separate PNR and not in the same booking as we cannot reinstate an original ticket.

Need any assistance, please contact application support.
If you'd like to book on a business account, please contact Trade Sales on 03448 242 524.