SERVICES NOT STOPPING IN ASHFORD 14 APRIL 9023, 9039, 9149, 9014, 9032, 9057, 9074, 9002

Boarding/disembarking at Ashford station may not be possible on some trains during April. If your train is affected, you'll need to use a different Eurostar station.

Trains running to and from London and Ebbsfleet remain unaffected.

Below is a full list of the trains impacted:

Customers to board the train in London or Ebbsfleet

9002 - (From London at 06h18 stop in Ebbsfleet at 06h37, arrive at 09h47 in Paris Nord)

9014 - (From London at 09h22, stop in Ebbsfleet at 09h37, arrive at 12h47 in Paris Nord)

9032 - (From London at 14h22, arrive at 17h47 in Paris Nord)

9074 - (From London at 10h14, stop in Ebbsfleet at 10h34, arrival at 14h03 in Paris Nord)

Customers to disembark in Ebbsfleet or London

9023 - (From Paris at 11h04, stop in Ebbsfleet at 12h18, arrival at 12h39 in London)

9039 - (From Paris at 15h07, stop in Ebbsfleet at 16h18, arrival at 16h40 in London)

9149 - (From Brussels at 16h56, stop in Ebbsfleet at 17h43, arrival at 18h06 in London)

9057 - (From Paris at 19h07, Stop in Ebbsfleet at 20h18, arrival at 20h39 in London)