Eurostar resumes normal service despite upcoming SNCF strike

If you have booked to travel further in France, please be aware that domestic rail services in France may still be disrupted.

Please click here for more information.

SERVICES NOT STOPPING IN ASHFORD 12 APRIL 9080, 9032, 9023, 9039, 9055, 9149, 9110

Boarding/disembarking at Ashford station may not be possible on some trains during April. If your train is affected, you'll need to use a different Eurostar station.

Trains running to and from London and Ebbsfleet remain unaffected.

Below is a full list of the trains impacted:

Customers to board the train in London or Ebbsfleet

9080 – (From London at 05h40, stop in Ebbsfleet at 05h58)

9110 - (From London at 06h47, stop in Ebbsfleet at 07h04)

9032 – (From London at 14h22, this train does not stop in Ebbsfleet)

Customers to disembark in Ebbsfleet or London

9023 - (Stop in Ebbsfleet at 12h24, arrival at 12h39 in London)

9039 - (Stop in Ebbsfleet at 16h25, arrival at 16h40 in London)

9055 – (Stop in Ebbsfleet at 20h24 arrival at 20h39 in London)

9149 - (Stop in Ebbsfleet at 17h54 arrival at 18h06 in London)