Engineering works in France from February to July 2016

Essential trackworks on the French high-speed line between Ressons and Combles will begin on Monday 1 February. Our Paris timetables will therefore be altered due to speed restrictions put in place by the infrastructure managers.

Details of these changes are:

  • From 1 February until 15 July 2015, all Eurostar services from Paris will depart between 3 and 15 minutes earlier than usual, and the last two trains from the UK to Paris will arrive between 3 and 15 minutes later than the scheduled time.
  • The 9050 19:01 departure from London to Paris will be significantly retimed on Mondays and Fridays between 1 February and 14 April and from 30 May to 15 July
  • The 9057 direct service from Disneyland Paris will depart between 3 and 18 minutes earlier between 7 February and 15 July.
  • We will inform passengers whose tickets show significantly different arrival and departure times of these changes and for whom we have contact information via e-mail or through their original points of sale.

Our booking systems have now been updated to reflect the new departure and arrival times.