Brussels engineering works November 2019

From Thursday 31st October to Monday 4th November
From Friday 8th November to Tuesday 12th November 2019

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Programme Horizon: launch date delayed

We wanted to let you know that we have taken the decision to delay the launch of Programme Horizon, which was due to take place in November.

As you know, Programme Horizon involves the replacement of our inventory and distribution systems, which underpin everything we do. That’s why we need to be absolutely confident we have done all we can to manage the associated risks before we decide to launch. Our latest readiness assessment showed we need to carry out further testing and training, and finalise functionality in several areas of the new systems.

Next steps

Over the next week, our teams will be focusing on the revised plan and key actions to determine the new timeframe for the programme. Once the new timing has been confirmed, we will let you know.

In the meantime, thank you for your continuing support.

The Horizon team