Brussels engineering works November 2019

From Thursday 31st October to Monday 4th November
From Friday 8th November to Tuesday 12th November 2019

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GDS: Availability mismatch on Eurostar Amsterdam trains

9F services 9112, 9126, and 9150 are travelling to Amsterdam via Brussels. While the Amsterdam destination is opened for sale for the entirety of the booking horizon, the Brussels stop is only opened from 60 days before departure.

We are aware that there is an availability discrepancy which displays a full availability of all booking classes to Brussels on these trains, which may not in fact reflect the situation in real life. When a user attempts to sell a class that is not available (although displayed) an error message is presented and the sell therefore has failed.

The sell failure occurs due to the mapping of booking classes between our rail system and the GDS, for Brussels only, and we are working to remedy the issue.

In the meantime, please check for the actual price availability.