Ashford International stops until 30 September 2018

We’re introducing an amended timetable at Ashford International until 30 September 2018. This is a temporary measure.

Please click here for more information.

9F news - GDS reference issue

Currently we are experiencing an ongoing issue regarding some of the references being generated for Eurostar bookings within the GDS.

This issue means that bookings may be given a reference that will not work on the Eurostar "Manage Your Booking" page, neither will they work at the ticket machines at the station.

The issue is only affecting references which contain all letters and start with Q,R,S,T,U or V.

The issue is currently being worked on by Eurostar as we are fully aware this is causing a great amount of frustration. Until we have a solution in place, please apply the following workaround:

If the vendor locator does not work online, please firstly try using your native locator, whilst this will not work 100% of the time, it will work occasionally.

If neither the native reference, nor the vendor locator works online, please call the GDS Helpdesk (03448 224334) so that we may give you the in-house Eurostar reference linked to the booking. This reference does work online and at the station.

The easiest way for Eurostar to find the booking is with the vendor locator, not with the ticket number. Alternatively, the name, date and train number may be used to search for the booking.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.