Experience : Wine Star

This experience is the re-invention of a wine-tasting: rather than just improving the delegates’ knowledge of wine, it will teach them how to look at a restaurant wine list and instantly find the pearls – impressing their fellow diners, improving their meals out and giving them a skill for life. No more opting for the Malbec or Pinot Grigio because “it’s safe.”

However this experience is also linked to the destination – delegates are introduced to some of the hottest restaurants in the destination city and their signature dishes, so they can make the most of their eating out opportunities on arrival.

The experience is hosted by a wine expert – either Tom Surgey (Ridgeview Wine); Henry Butler (wine merchant); or IWSC Wine Communicator of the year, Jane Parkinson.

On board:

  • A Tasting Start – delegates are given three wines from unexpected countries – such as Austria and Portugal – and asked to rank them in order of preference.
  • Reading a Wine List – tips on what to look for and why
  • Destination Restaurant Scene – an overview of what’s hot for foodies in the destination city – delegates pick their three favourites.
  • The Wine List – lists for those three restaurants are shared with the group – what would they pick and why?
  • Experts Choice – the wine expert tells them what they would choose and why
  • Tasting 2 – new wines as featured on the lists the delegates have just looked through
  • Wine List challenge – new restaurant wine lists are passed around and the delegates have to say what they would now select (with their new knowledge) for the experts to comment on.
  • Where to Eat Now! – three places in the destination city where the delegates could go to when they disembark*

* Reservations could be made at these venues for a dine-around experience.

Routes: London, Paris, Amsterdam