Experience : Beauty Star

In Beauty Star, Britain’s leading style journalist Sali Hughes will coach delegates on all they need to know to stay ahead of trends each season and look fabulous.

Sali is comfortable talking to groups of 20 about a topica and then taking questions, or consulting in groups of 4 or 5 – sharing make-up advice around the table, and bringing out products for the delegates to try.

And this is for everyone – as a former male grooming editor, she has pearls of wisdom across genders, and heaps of experience to drawn on.

Sali is resident beauty columnist for Guardian Weekend magazine and a features and comment writer for a range of magazines including Vogue, Red, and The Pool. She is also a regular contributor to BBC radio 5 live, and R4's Women’s Hour and Today.

Sali offers straight-talking advice and honesty, but the effects can be remarkable.

Example On board:

  • Talk to all – Sali introduces herself and three things she thinks people need to know to look good right now.
  • Questions – Q&A to hear what people are wanting help and advice with.
  • Help Me – one delegate put forward by the group and given advice from Sali in front of all; simple constructive ideas that the rest of the group are encouraged to see through when shopping at the destination.
  • Beauty Surgery – Sali takes up residence at a table for four in the carriage and delegates are encouraged to come and spend time with her for individual advice, a chat, and to try some products on themsleves.
  • Sum Up – Sali talks to the group again, sharing some of the ideas and questions that came out the surgery.
  • Where to go – list of stores and boutiques at the destination not to be missed.