Experience : Art Star

Ask a child to draw something and they will instantly have a go at putting pen to paper. Ask an adult to do the same thing, and they freeze!

This experience teaches delegates to have fun with a pen again. Everyone has the same start point so it’s a great leveller for corporate audiences; admiring each other’s skills and trying not to giggle in front of the life model!

Rather than just focus on personal ability, the experience also links their new artistic eye to some key art (and artists) in the destination cities including Tate Modern; The Pompidou; and the Rijksmuseum – enthusing delegates with the stories behind the paintings and getting them to consider “what is art?!”

The experience is hosted by Euan MacDonald who combines the art history with an entertaining history of the destination city and its people. This is no art lecture – this is a break-neck cultural tour of the city: fun, fast, and fascinating.

On board:

  • “I Know What I Like” - the delegates are presented with three very different pieces of art from the destination and asked to choose their favourite. The origins of the pieces are explained to them and they are asked if their opinions have changed.
  • Who is an Artist? – the concept is put forward that we don’t draw anymore, and we should.
  • Life Class - the delegates are asked to draw something in front of them – could be a colleague or could be an object.
  • What is Art? – brief talk about what we consider as art, based on some of the more radical pieces from galleries at the destination
  • 3 to See – Three more art pieces from the destination are presented and explained.
  • Keep Drawing – tasks are set for the destination museums (if requested)

Routes: London, Paris, Amsterdam