Cancellation 9015 on 12/12/2018

9015 have been cancelled today on 12/12/2018. // Cancellations starting December 16th: Due to operational reasons the following trains have been cancelled; Sunday 16 Dec: 9112, 9145; Friday 21 Dec: 9021; Saturday 22 Dec: 9013, 9060, 9129, 9136; Sunday 23 Dec: 9021, 9030; Friday 28 Dec: 9021; Saturday 29 Dec: 9013, 9060, 9129, 9136; and Tuesday 01 Jan: 9021, 9030, 9112, 9133, 9136.

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Travel Bulletin Christmas Competition

Last week's winner is Kerry Gordon from Thomas Cook! Well done!

The prize for this week (commencing the 10th of December) will be a Eurostar goodie bag, and the winner will be announced on Monday the 17th of December.

Christmas is getting closer and closer. It's the 14th already! The question for this frosty Friday relates to baggage. How many bags are permitted per person under our standard baggage allowance?

Please submit your answer here below, and there will be another question on Monday.