Travel facts and journey times about the London to Rotterdam/Amsterdam route

To Amsterdam (direct Eurostar)
The train will go from St Pancras International to Amsterdam Centraal, with a stop at Brussels-Midi/Zuid to pick up more travellers. It’ll take 3 hours 52 minutes to get to Amsterdam from London.

To Rotterdam (direct Eurostar)
The train will go from St Pancras International to Rotterdam Centraal, with a stop at Brussels-Midi/Zuid to pick up more travellers. It’ll take 3 hours 13 minutes to get to Rotterdam.

Connecting via Thalys
There will still be the option to book London > Brussels (Eurostar) > Rotterdam/Amsterdam (Thalys).
The trip to Brussels takes just over two hours. At Brussels- Midi/Zuid you’ll change on to a Thalys train for the remaining 1 hr 49 mins to Amsterdam Centraal.

On the way back to London, as travellers will need to take a Thalys train from Amsterdam or Rotterdam to Brussels-Midi/Zuid and change onto a Eurostar train there.

At Brussels, they’ll need to go through security and passport control before boarding a direct train to St Pancras International. The second leg of their journey will take less than two hours.


There’ll be two trains from St Pancras International to Amsterdam Centraal per day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We’ll only be using our e320s on the route from London to Amsterdam, so travellers can enjoy free wi-fi all the way and dive into Eurostar Odyssey via our onboard entertainment platform.

Although travellers will need to change trains on the way back, we run up to ten trains from Brussels to London every day. So, the connection should be quick and smooth.

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Fares and booking tips

Latest fares and important tips when booking this route


London - Amsterdam


In order to book a trip to Amsterdam or Rotterdam you’ll need the following codes:

GDS - ZYA for Amsterdam and QRH for Rotterdam
Elgar - AMS for Amsterdam and ROT for Rotterdam

The journey is booked in the usual way just like you would to Paris or Brussels, though please note that you’ll only be able to book a one way TO Amsterdam and Rotterdam on the GDS, Fare basis codes will only be filed for one way because of this.

Any journeys from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to the UK will have to be booked indirectly via our Trade Sales Department or on The return trip will consist of a Thalys train to Brussels and then a Eurostar to London.

Outbound trains will run twice daily at 08:31 (train 9f 9114) and 17:31 (train 9f 9148).

Please note weekend service - one train a day : Sat at 08:31 (train 9f 9114) and Sunday 17:31 (train 9f 9148)


On our New Amsterdam routing we will be allowing a commuter service between Brussels and Amsterdam, this means that a certain amount of seats will be saved for customers doing Amsterdam – Brussels and vice versa.

Unfortunately our systems cannot differentiate between the seats that are reserved for this commuter service and the rest of the seats for passengers travelling between Brussels and the UK. This means that sometimes on the GDS it will show there is availability, however the segment will then come back unconfirmed due to these seats being reserved for these passengers.

A space is only confirmed on the train once seats have come back from Eurostar (9f) and the segment is also confirmed. If no seating has come back from Eurostar (9f) even if the sector is confirmed the ticket is not guaranteed.

We advise agents not to guarantee a passenger that they have been booked on a certain train until that confirmed sector and seating comes back to the agent. Please check availability in a separate PNR and not in the same booking as we cannot reinstate an original ticket.

Need any assistance, please contact the GDS Helpdesk on 03448 224334, or Trade Sales on 03448 242 524 if you'd like to book on a business account.

Your customer's trip

Whether they're in Standard, Standard Premier or Business Premier, we'll do everything we can to make your customer's journey smooth, easy and comfortable. Here are some helpful tips...


Setting off from London will be exactly the same as our other core routes. But departures from Amsterdam or Rotterdam are a bit different.

At Amsterdam Centraal/Rotterdam Centraal travellers should:
1. Check the departure screens in the main hall of the station to find out their which platform numberthe Thalys train departs from
2. Scan the barcode on their ticket to pass through the NS ticket gates
3. Follow signs to their platform and board the Thalys train when it arrives


Find your ticket in the Eurostar app or print it at home. Travellers should remember to save or print the ticket for their return journey too – they’ll need it to enter the station at Amsterdam or Rotterdam Centraal.


Security and passport control when travelling from St Pancras International to Amsterdam Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal remains the same.

But there are no border controls between the Netherlands and Belgium. So, travellers will not have to show their passport or go through security before boarding the Thalys train on the return journey.

They will have to go through security and passport control before they change onto a Eurostar train at Brussels-Midi/Zuid.


Once travellers are through the final passport check at St Pancras International, they can head to the Business Premier lounge to enjoy drinks, nibbles, newspapers and magazines, and wi-fi.

There’s no Business Premier service or Business Premier lounge at Amsterdam Centraal or Rotterdam Centraal. But travellers can relax in the NS International Lounge on Platform 1 at either station if they are a Carte Blanche holder.


Arriving at the station

Station staff and police officers may carry out random security checks before boarding the train at Brussels-Midi/Zuid. So, please advise the traveller to arrive at least 20 minutes before departure to allow time for this.

Please remind them to keep their ticket with them at all times. It’ll be checked on board and they'll need to scan the barcode at the ticket gates to exit the station in the Netherlands.

Eurostar trains usually depart from platform 3 in Brussels-Midi/Zuid. On the way back, our trains usually depart from platform 15 in Amsterdam Centraal and platform 1 in Rotterdam Centraal. But do remind the traveller to double check the departure boards in case something has changed.

Once they've found the right platform, they should use the information screens to find out the best place to wait for their coach.