Cancellations 22/03/2018 and 23/03/2018

We are sorry to inform you of the cancellation of the following train on Friday 23/03 for operational reasons: Train 9007 (07:04 Paris to London) Please see for the full details and options available. Please note that the ticket changes are subject to availability in the same class of travel. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes you and we wish you a bon voyage.

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* Not available in GDS. Please call 0344 824 2524 to book.

Check class of service codes for Eurostar-TGV through fares.

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International agents

Eurostar is a member of the ARC (accounting code 814), so if you’re based in the USA you’ll find our fares in your GDS.

If you’d like to know more about any of our fares, please call +44 (0)3448 224 334.

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